Monday, 25 November 2013

What have you been up to: 44 months

Apologies for the photos - taken on a phone.

You have been:-

  • Visiting Cork with me - you asked if we could up in the middle of the night to get the aeroplane (we had to do this for Ibiza which was hugely exciting, even I must admit).
  • You said you didn't want to go home - you'd miss all the people
  • Excited about your cousins coming to stay maybe next summer
  • Playing castles and tents and caves and forests with Aunty Ger and cousin Eoin
  • Being very assertive - "Grandad Rob, I don't like teasing", "Daddy, could you be quiet please, I am trying to get to sleep".
  • Considering starting a campaign to convince people they don't need to eat meat
  • Singing more lovely made up songs with great dramatic effects
  • As usual, protesting strongly about bedtime"I am NOT TIRED".
  • Making up more of your own rules for the Hoot Owl Hoot game (largely consisting of hiding the sun cards under the box so the sun doesn't come up!).
  • Really good at jumping and hopping on one foot
  • Doing lots of forward rolls
  • Trying out lots of dances  - a Russian Dance/A Whisk Dance etc (with a whisk - what else?!)
  • Cutting really well now - around shapes and everything
  • Asked for the first time for me to write your name so you could try - glad I never pushed that one as you were previously NOT keen
  • Asking me to read lots of words around and about
  • Making lots of things - like an ice cream cone from cardboard and tape - your idea and execution
  • Hitting us a bit
  • Not getting enough sleep
  • Getting used to the new house - you did miss the old one
  • Wanting to learn Spanish.  Me too!
  • Wanting to go camping s0 you said you would be warm enough if you had a warm pjs, 2 quilts and a blanket
  • Suggesting a holiday in Wales (Daddy and I fancy Mexico...)
  • Loving the "little ones" (the younger kids in the pre-school, and the small baby cuddly toys).  Also one of your dolls is now "little sister".  I would throw her out the window and give you a real little sister instead.  You'd be a great big sister.
  • Really arguing your case
    Dr Seuss with Eoin

    Painting with Auntie Ger

    Airport cafe


Rachel @TaoOfPoop said...

I think it is so great to keep track of all of these things. They will be the things that you enjoy going back to and reading in the future. And it's so sweet that you think your LO would be a great big sister. So sweet!

Melissa said...

It sounds like B is just as creative as ever. As usual, she and A seem to have some similar interests - Annabelle has been big into writing her name lately, and dancing and Spanish, too. Oh, and the lack of sleep... I'm all talk and so much disorganization, but perhaps you can send me your address and she can send some things along to B from this side of the world.

I hope the getting used to the new house bit has continued to go well. Moving is hard. I was surprised by how unsettling our move, one city block away, to a house with a nearly identical layout to our previous one, was for Annabelle.

sparklingbay said...

I hope so, or else she'll just roll her eyes ha!