Thursday, 24 October 2013

Co-operative games Bay style

We have a few co-operative Board games. These are ones where the players work together towards a common goal instead of competing with each other.  I brought a new one on holiday with us- Hoot Owl Hoot!
The object is to get all the owls back into their nest before the sun comes up.

Must have sounded a bit "boring" to Bay though (things often are...)
She decided to subvert it a bit and play it backwards. 
The point, she said, was to get all the owls off to a party before the sun went down.

You are full of of good ideas Bay.

Love Mam x


Cordelia Sipper said...

I never really realized your daughters name was Bay--thus your blog name.
So sweet!

sparklingbay said...

Thanks. she has another name too the means Sparkling so all of the blog name is h name!