Tuesday, 10 September 2013

What have you been up to: nearly 3 and a half

What have you been up, now you are nearly 3 and a half?

Painting at the beach - why not?
 -well, first, you have been telling us "the half" is very important.  You are very keen to be "big".

- jumping properly with your two feet.  A lot. It makes me smile. And throwing.  Yes, you are into throwing too. Climbing and bouncing as well.

Daddy thinks you seem much more boisterous, but I think you have just developed physically a lot so are jumping and running better rather than more than before, although you are definitely hugely interested in those things at the moment.

Digression: I heard a (to me) sad conversation at music class today about the testosterone surge boys get which supposedly leads to much more physicality at 3-4.  Sounds unfounded to me. Surely it could also just be physical development generally, across both genders. People see what they choose to see - their perspective, not the truth. And by treating boys and girls differently (and yes, people do, we all must do, even if we actively think that we don't!), studies (and common sense) show you create differences.  Delusions of Gender by the cognitive neuroscientist Cordelia Fine debunks scientific studies into gender differences.  She does not claim that differences don't exist - she shows how the scientific evidence for the differences does not exist.

Anyway, this lovely mother was feeling the need to apologise for her son's exuberance and putting it down to testosterone. In front of him :-(. I felt so sorry for her that she felt under pressure (from the teacher I felt)to excuse him.  And so sorry for the boy to hear people dissing him like this.  He was great fun and not annoying any more than any other child interrupting in an age appropriate yet (admittedly)irritating way! 

The behaviour,  people, not the person....

 - You started a new music class today, based on the Kodaly and Carl Orff methods.  What this basically means is lots of dancing, movement, rhythm and beat, games, playing proper instruments, and real (as opposed to dumbed down for kids) music, music from other cultures, seasonal themes etc.  It was brilliant.  As one of the other parents said it was "really nourishing, and not just for the kids". And I would add -  "very Brighton".

 - You've returned to the Children's House after the summer hols. When I asked how the first day back went, you said "Brilliant"!

 - Lots of summer trips to cafes.  You love cafes.

 - playing a lot of imaginary games where you have a baby sister (one of your dolls plays the part), previous to this I had to pretend I was a baby and you were the mother.

 - Interested in so much and coming up with your own interesting activities.e.g. you asked to stop outside a shop playing rhythm and blues to listen to the music.  
Later, when daddy came home, you started off an impromptu "musicing" session - doling out the various instruments, making up songs, "tuning" the instruments, dancing etc.
Listening to music from the shop

  - Loving the TV show Charlie and Lola.  I love it too - I'd watch it even if you weren't! This is your show now (you only watch one so far and not every day). Lola is really funny and articulate!

 -  spent a few days with Nana Marie, as she came over to mind you.  You went to the park most days as that's exactly where you wanted to go.

 - using lots of language like "actually", "at the moment", "any suggestions" etc. I've got used to it now, but I'm glad we never used baby language with you or talked down to you.

 - your articulation is still fairly unclear and very expressive, compared to the clear English tones of other kids around us. You have a high pitched, singsong voice.  I love it.

 - not really interested in reading or writing so much, although you do like to use the letters around and about. I have being very hands off as you definitely don't like if we emphasise something too much.  You know we have an agenda even if we hide it well.  More interested in numbers, counting, adding, and measuring.

I've been thinking about schools, although unschooling is really intriguing me. You've learnt so much just from what is around you and from a very limited amount of strewing (I worked full time for a year until this week - the strewing really was extremely limited).  Your natural curiosity and life experiences have led to impromptu choreographed dance shows, incorporating chase scenes (from watching Lola dance on TV and playing chase with a girl in the park), finding out all about how seaweed grows, especially what it eats (from trips to the beach, and a book on rock pooling left on your shelf ("strewing" see ?! Easy peasy), lots of questions about plants and how they grow and why they die, seeds etc (just from walks around, chats and, yes, a "how flowers grow" book propped up next to a dead flower on your table). Not that you were very interested in the flower book.  The real life stuff seemed much more interesting to you.

You are very assertive, boisterous, curious, argumentative, able to negotiate, good at finding solutions, full of ideas and happy most of the time.  

I wish I could think of more to say, but it is so hard to pin you down on the page...

Love Mam x

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