Monday, 26 August 2013

What have you been up to - Summer edition

What have we been up to in the Summer of 2013?

We've been camping in Wales.

Rockpooling and "fishing".

Tea parties on the patio (really an excuse for me to put the bunting up and crack open the wine).

Dancing around while we do the "serious" things (here daddy is trying to demonstrate splitting slate in two - you just wanted to dance!).

I've had lots of time off work.  And took the chance to lie down.  Who needs a view when theres a bench?

You've been climbing. Anything.

Nice "slate-y bum".

Having lots of beach time.  At any opportunity.  This is past bedtime after dinner. 

You've had a week without us at your Nanny Lindas.  Here I am on an extremely rare night out with Daddy in the best veggy restaurant around


Bug hunting

And bug dances

Country walks

And a boat trip to see seals and caves

Your first, and my first cricket match.  Womens teams - England - v - Australia.  Daddy said Australia lost.  This is important.  Apparently.

The rose wine was good.

You asked me to add that you loved camping.

Me too.

Mam x


Melissa said...

It looks like you three are having quite a lovely summer. So glad to hear you've had a good bit of time off! I'm sure a week without Bay was bittersweet, but time to yourself is wonderful, too. I love B's dancing - so many wonderful photos! I'd been wondering what you all were up to, so I'm glad you were able to pop in for an update :)

sparklingbay said...

It was a great summer of sunshine at last. And I was happy to know Bay was having a great time at her grandmother's, though we did miss her a lot.