Sunday, 23 June 2013

What have you been up to: 39 months

And here you are last year doing the same thing 
The sun came out on Wednesday and I asked if you had any plans and suggested going to the paddling pool down at the seafront.  But no. You had a very firm idea about you wanted to do.  Cover yourself in paint, just like in the photo I have pinned on the noticeboard in the kitchen (the one from last year above).

So out came the water table, the shaving foam, and the frozen paint (in an ice cube tray in the fridge always).  And off came the clothes.

You had a whale of a time.

You are such an enthusiastic happy person.  It really is a joy to have you around.  Life is just something to jump out of bed for, and nothing gets you down for long.  You are so kind as well, and really love to help people.  You sing and play all day long. 3 is suiting you well.

You're loving water as always, but now you sometimes hop into the bath and run it for yourself.   Luckily the water isn't boiling hot, although you still have to be careful. 

You've been building things (mainly rockets) with your blocks, using your word puzzle, singing the days of the week song (I made it up), making ice cream with home-made playdough in your ice cream van (your table), counting, listening to lots of music on the stereo, singing and playing your piano book, reading some beginner books, playing with the bear's clothes puzzle (the bane of my life - there are so many pieces left everywhere!). Amongst other things.

I don't push you on anything, like with reading or numbers.  I do supply things for you to practise with though when you express an interest.  I've put pictures of some of these things below. I've got a couple of Kumon books.  The philospohy doesn't sit well with me.  But while I know there are issues with workbooks, I quite like these ones for practising pen control. They say you should limit the time a child is allowed to use the book, and praise them each time they get it right.  I totally disagree with this, and you just control how long you want to use it.  You don't need praise as you just enjoy it for itself.  I don't need to manipulate or force you or control it.
I ignore the (to me) unpalatable Kumon philosophy and just let you at it!

You're cycling on the balance bike with lots of confidence and quite happy to walk  longer distances now (so I think we can ditch the buggy mostly).  You're a slight, rather than a sturdy child.  Maybe this is why it has taken you until now not to want to be carried a lot. Or maybe this is very usual with 3 year olds. 

In other news, we now have an offer accepted on a third house, as the purchase on the house we were meant to be moving to just wasn't progressing.  This new house is a bit of a wild card.  A heart decision rather than a head one.  More on this later!  You also have a new cousin.  Baby Cameron, Aunty Emma's new son, arrived on Thursday night. 

The dreaded bear puzzle
I'm noticing more and more what a great negotiator you are. At the moment you would like a pet, and you listen carefully to every reason why we say it wouldn't be a good idea, and counter it with a solution.  For example, I said I am allergic to the hair of cats.  You listened and said "I will pick up the hair and put it in the bin".  I then said there would be no-one to look after it when we went away.  You said "we'll ask Nanny Linda to come down to mind it". Running out of reasons now.

I'm really impressed by your skills, which seem to be natural, and think you could teach adults a thing or two.  So many people don't really listen, or gloss over or deny the issues that are important to another person. You really engage with the problems, and though clearly focussed on your own wishes, you do really consider and address the other person's concerns.  And some of your solutions are very creative and unexpected.  Tonight Daddy made a suggestion that you didn't really like, and you asked for something else.  He said that wasn't what he suggested, to which you replied "suggest that then Daddy".  Might use that one myself soon !

I wish I could bottle this time.  While I'm really looking forward to seeing what the future might hold, I think a part of me will always miss the 3 and a quarter year old Bay. I can't believe you won't always be just as you are now.

Love Mam x


Melissa said...

She looks joyful and full of life, as always. Three and a quarter really is an exciting time! I love her solutions to the cat issue, and her negotiation skills, too. I enjoy Annabelle's negotiating, too - must be a feature of the age :)

sparklingbay said...

Would love to hear more about A's negotiations!